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Newsletter Fall 2021

By November 10, 2021NewsLetters

The Presidents Message Sunset Beach, Coos Bay, Oregon
Under normal circumstances this would be my last letter to you as your OCRA President and Bonnie
Kubli would be taking the reins for 2022. We must change and adapt as things change around us. This
year due to the lack of 2022 position candidates; the OCRA Executive Committee (EC) opted to roll over
our current positions into 2022. We also asked that those serving on committees for OCRA roll over their
positions as well. A big thank you to all the volunteers! All the EC and committee members have agreed
to maintain their current rolls for our organization. I will maintain my role as your OCRA President through
2022, Martha Curl will continue her OCRA Treasurer position through 2022, Nicole Davis will remain as
the OCRA Secretary, and Deborah Towell will continue her sentence as your OCRA Past-President for
another term. For a full list of committees and positions please visit the OCRA website at
It has been a quiet year where OCRA is concerned. The lack of an annual state or regional conference
makes for a lot less work. Some of the things we have been working on include a new website that will
allow us to be more self-sufficient and save us time and money. We have also been discussing ways to
encourage people to be involved and volunteer. It is through volunteering that we succeed.
This newsletter will be piloting a new section which spotlights the OCRA members. The EC will select
four to five candidates for each quarterly newsletter. A short interview their photo will be included. These
spotlighted individuals will be invited to participate in the following EC meeting. The concept behind this
new idea is to invite you to learn who our members are by providing some information regarding their
professional and personal life, along with a face to match their name. The second piece is to let each
member experience an EC meeting, which in hopes will encourage them to volunteer at some point. We
hope to elaborate more as they idea develops; A work in progress. It has been a pleasure being your
2021 OCRA President and I am looking forward to a new year and another term in 2022. Again, thank
you for your continued support during these unpredictable times. OCRA President, Shelley Lindsey