About the Oregon Cancer Registrar's Association

The Cancer Registrar

The Oregon Cancer Registrar's Association (OCRA) is a respected and valued member of the hospital’s cancer program. The program’s main purpose is to oversee state-of-the art cancer care to all patients. The registrar works closely with physicians, hospital administration, and other allied health professionals in maintaining a database on patient care, which is evaluated and studied periodically.

A Cancer Registrar collects, records,and analyzes data on patients diagnosed with cancer.  The Registrar is also involved in other aspects of cancer data management such as special studies required by the Commission on Cancer, internal facility requests, and quality review of the registry data.  Registrars are never statics there is always something new to learn in the management of cancer data.

The Future

This is an ever changing and challenging field.  The Commission on Cancer is requiring more data collection, and the demand for data analysis has increased. Hospital administrators are interested to know the impact of cancer care on the financial future, and the Cancer Registrar will play an increasingly important role in patient care development.