Our Purpose at the Oregon Cancer Registrar's Association

OCRA provides a great networking system for registrars new and old. Through the OCRA website, the registrar can keep abreast of issues in the quarterly newsletter, as well as the members only section. The Association sponsors a Fall 2-1/2 day Workshop which:

  • Enhances the registrars’ knowledge of cancer diagnosis, staging, and treatment
  • Further develops registry skills
  • Provides up-to-date changes in the field

OCRA workshops and programs are recognized by the National Cancer Registrars’ Association (NCRA), and continuing education credits are earned for members credentialed in the field. Certification has been offered by NCRA since 1983, and all registrars are encouraged to become Certified Tumor Registrars (CTR).

The Oregon Division of the American Cancer Society (ACS) has been a staunch supporter of the organization by assisting the educational needs of the membership.

The American College of Surgeons, Commission on Cancer has provided speakers for workshops, to inform registrars of cancer program requirements and ways to meet them.