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News Letter Spring 2022

By May 20, 2022NewsLetters

The President’s Message
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The Presidents Message
Members Spotlight
2022 NCRA Conference After COVID
Spring? Much to my dismay and as
I type this message to you, I am looking out
the window at the 6 inches of snow that fell
during the past 48 hours. I was all prepped
and ready for spring. I should have known
not to be too hopeful that winter was near
over in Central Oregon. After 20 years on
the high desert spring seems to arrive
sometime in the first week of June before
transitioning to summer a short time later.
There are two seasons in Bend, winter, and
August. At least that is what I was told back
in 2002 when I relocated to the area.
Your OCRA Executive Committee
(EC) has been hard at work doing the things
the EC does. We recently invited the
membership to a meeting on April 1st. We
did have a few members who took
advantage of the meeting. The purpose of
that meeting was to relay the importance of
a state association and what it would mean
for a dissolution of OCRA. We really do not
want to see that happen, nor do we want to
write a check to NCRA for $30K if it did.
But that is the reality of it. Please don’t let
that happen. It really is not that big of a time
commitment to oversee any elected or
volunteer position. So please be kind to our
Nominating Committee when they reach out
to you over the next couple of months. We
really do need you.
We are also seeking nominations
for the Distinguished Member Award 2022
Please use the form on the OCRA
website to submit your nomination as
instructed by July 31st. Any member who
has made outstanding contributions, either
locally or nationally, is eligible for
nomination. This can be somebody who
has made a difference to you or your team
at the organizational level as well. The
DMA Nomination Form is located in the
Resources section, Distinguished Member
Awards, just below the most current
recipient of the DMA.
Friday, August 12th is the date
selected for our one-day workshop in
Eugene/Springfield. It is a free, in-person,
members only event. The workshop is
hosted by CTR’s for CTR’s. Simply
meaning it will cover topics that are in our
day-to-day workflow. CEU’s will be
available. We hope you will be able to join
us. It will be good to see all your faces
The Michele Henson Memorial
Scholarship is also available. Two
members in good standing are selected
each year for this award which covers the
cost of the NCRA CTR exam.
The deadline is August 31st. You
can find more information about the Michele
Henson Memorial Scholarship at the bottom
on the website ‘Home’ page.
We are also seeking nominations for the
Distinguished Member Award 2022
Wishing you all the best.
Shelley Lindsey, CTR
OCRA President 2021-2022