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Newsletter Fall 2022

By November 7, 2022January 17th, 2023NewsLetters

President's Message

Greetings OCRA Members. This will be my last official message to you all as your acting President. It has been my honor to serve our organization in this capacity for these past 2 years. Bonnie Kubli will undoubtedly be most effective in her new role, and I look forward to taking a back seat as the Past-President and help where needed. You won’t get away from me that easily as I will be your new OCRA Newsletter Editor beginning 2023 for an unknown amount of time (usually until somebody else with a creative soul wants to take it for a spin).
It is still hard for me to believe we are already through the majority of our year. It seems to me that once Halloween passes, we wake up to January 1st again. Thanksgiving and Christmas just seem to meld together into one big blur. Tis true, time waits for no man.
A big thank you to all who attended our ZOOM OCRA Business Meeting on November 2nd. We had 42 members on the call and successfully voted to approve the proposed Bylaw revisions, as well as the 2023 budget. As an incentive, OCRA EC offered a $100.00 winner’s choice gift card in a random drawing. Congratulations to Kelly Denniston! Kelly requested her prize to be in the form of a Costco gift card.
Be sure to renew your OCRA membership before December 15th. One of our newly approved Bylaws was to have membership renewal occur during a specified timeframe. This is more in line with most organizations like NCRA and open enrollment periods. It allows us to be more efficient with tasks associated with membership duties. New members, including active and student memberships, are able to join at any time.
Here's to all of you and happy, healthy Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year!
Shelley Lindsey
2021-2022 OCRA President