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Fall 2014

By October 6, 2014March 9th, 2016NewsLetters

Happy Autumn Cancer Registrars,
I hope you enjoyed the Fall Conference as much as I did. What a wonderful way to network with coworkers, learn new ways to do old things; learn about implementing standards and so much more. Connie and Carol and the education committee did a terrific job.

The ice-bucket challenge was too funny and too cold. My family could not believe I actually did it! OCRA sent a challenge to WSTRA to participate and I can’t wait to see what they say! For any of you who were unable to attend, or participate, it is on You-tube!

Congratulations to our 2015 Executive Committee. I know they will do a great job for us next year. I would like to encourage you to run for office next year. Please don’t think of it as competition, think of it as having a willingness to serve. Our Association has served us well over the years and I have learned since becoming president that it isn’t nearly as scary or time consuming as it sounds. It is rewarding in so many ways. Please consider participating more in the coming year. We still have open slots in our Committee rosters and we would love to have some of you volunteer. Your input matters! It is what keeps us growing, getting stronger and better! As we look towards the changing season, we are all looking at changes as well. I have always said that the one constant in being a Cancer Registrar is change. Let’s take it on with gusto! We are the experts at what we do and we make a difference in so many ways. We can do whatever the Commission asks of us but it is so much better with a group of colleagues like you to ask questions to and learn from. I thank you all for your willingness to share.
Bonnie Kubli